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August 25, 2019

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Organic Vapor Adsorption

Pictured: 500 SCFM Vapor Phase Landfill Gas Adsorbers w/2000 lbs vapor phase Activated Carbon
Modern Environmental Remediation Projects (MERPs) require high quality GAC, Adsorbers and Ex-Situ Physical/Chemical Treatment Technologies for a variety of vapor and liquid phase applications. UMI-2000 have project management experience in adsorption filter design, sizing, costing, isotherms, vessel internals, optimization of parameters, delivery logistics and bulk tank trailer installation of NSF carbons & resins. In addition to supplying all data, drawings, quotations, GAC use rate estimates, technical support and start-up assistance for the success of your MERP project - UMI-2000 and affiliated company personnel are already in the business of manufacturing, shipping, warehousing, delivery and installation of adsorption filter vessels, ion exchange resins and activated carbon to Municipal, Industrial, Chemical, Refinery, Federal DoD & DoE and Environmental Remediation project sites nationwide! (References available upon request)